Slowly Getting Better Everyday

It is all about getting better, not perfect.

Slowly getting better everyday! Firstly, it starts with the idea that anyone can improve their life if they believe it, work hard, and take advantage of opportunities.

You might have it said many times “Think big, start small’. That is you have very big and lofty ideas but it is always difficult to start with the big idea. Partially because of limited resources and partly because you cannot see through at one go. You have to move in pace with what you can see right now. It is going to be frustrating to do any given task at once. It is better to live in the present now. Live In The Now! To be successful at this, you must break the task into little junks as far as you can see.

What is a bit better everyday?

This is the essence of ‘slowly getting better everyday’. But I would rather say “little bit getting better everyday”, because there is no way to measure 1% of everything, everyday

Do you want to improve your English speaking skills? Also, you desire to learn Spanish or French? In addition, would you like to improve your skills? Or you have a qualifying exams ahead? In addition, yours may be you want to improve relationship with your spouse or increased or improved productions. Whichever yours is, the best approach is to do it gradually.

Improve your athletic skills, improve your career or get rid of bad habits. Also the best bet is to improve gradually at least 1% daily. (1% is just a literary expression, it actually means taking actions step by step and do your best in each actions step).

Slowly Getting Better Everyday – What you need do?

  • Keep a journal of your daily activities
  • Identify the area you need to improve
  • Divide the area into units of ‘ to do list’.
  • Carry out expected task on daily basis
  • Ask if you need help
  • Mark complete for any completed task.

If you don’t do what you need do now, it become more frustrating and difficult. Then before you know it, procrastination sets in. This is not a good habit to cultivate.

Therefore, the secret of getting thing done is to practice. But, if you look at the enormous of the task, you won’t do anything.

What Slowly Getting Better Everyday will do for You?

  • You will Stop Procrastination
  • Become more happy
  • Improve Your Relationship and
  • You become more productive
  • Success come to you cheaply.






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