Power Prayers! Prayers that God Answered

A song of declarations from Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji (Baba Canaan Land)

Power Prayers! What is prayer? Prayer is an expressed intention of our mind to a greater power especially to God. Or Universal Intelligence, Omnipotent as some would say. The desire may be expressed verbally, by action or both. Prayer is the key to open all spiritually locked up doors and break all barriers. Prayers can create or destroy, it can also plant or uproot. And prayers is a powerful force and has the potential to change anything. It can turn any situations and circumstances. Prayers can change anybody.

Power of prayers dwells in the thought, emotion and the spoken words. The amplitude (depth), and intensity (extent of frequency) of expression gives your prayer it’s potent power. Therefore be careful what you think, how you think and what you say with your mouth. You want to attracts only that which you want? If yes, Check This Out!

What happens when we pray?

When we pray, we set the whole universe in motion and connects with virtually everything.. But not everything get connected back to us. Many that are not of our own type will repel. However, we get a return in the likeness of what we sent out. The universe respond in resonance to the vibration of thought, spoken words and corresponding actions. The extent of response is in consonant with the frequency and amplitude of our vibration.

The universe responds to the true and dictates of our inner mind. Take for example, when you pray with your mouth, you already have something in your mind to pray for. Answer to you prayer depends on how strong the feelings you put to your thought. (From the day of John the baptist, the kingdom of heaven suffer violence and only the violent take it by force Matthew 11:12) This is not physical violence though!. Meanwhile, how much disturbances your sound make. (The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avail much James 5:16). But why are some request not honored and some demands not granted?

When Do You Need Power Prayers?

Prayers connects us to the powers unknown. It connects to numerous spiritual powers in the universe, it connects us to universal power; it connects us to God, connects us to the main source. Pray in season and out of season; pray when it is convenient and when not. Have you ever felt helpless? Or in dare need of something and somehow its getting difficult to get. You wanted to do something and you know you can do it but somehow, it seems the more you try to do that thing the more it seems difficult to achieve. In such situation should you abandon the desire to do it in it’s entirety? Or you continue to seek means to achieving your aim? What would you do? Express your mind and feelings. However have faith and believe without doubt because

God will do exactly what He heard you say. Numbers 14:28 (HNV) Tell them, As I live, says the LORD, surely as you have spoken in my ears, so will I do to you: Almighty God knows our thought and hear our petition but not all prayers received answers. But there is a way of answered prayers! What is the way of answered prayers?

What are the different types of prayer?

There are many types of prayers:

  1. Prayer of thanksgiving
  2. Prayer of intercession
  3. Prayers of Petition
  4. Prayer of request
  5. Prayer of decree and declaration

You need to pray all kinds of prayers because the very moment you prayed God answered. Too much repeatition of your request may lead to doubts and unbelieve. However, you “don’t rest or give God rest until he establish your Zion” Therefore, you place your demands through other kind of prayers especially ‘thanksgiving’.

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